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Online Fundraising for Fayette County Animal Rescue with Crowdrise


What is Crowdrise?

Whether you are running in a marathon, donating your birthday, doing a tribute or anything else, Crowdrise enables you to create a personal fundraising page to track donations, update content and ask your friends and family to support Fayette County Animal Rescue.


How does this help Fayette County Animal Rescue?

The Crowdrise tool provides a fun and easy way to raise money in support of Fayette County Animal Rescue. You can help animals that have been victims of abuse or neglect, have been extremely injured or left abandoned with no hope by fundraising or making a donation to Fayette County Animal Rescue. Your gift enables FCAR to provide shelter, food, veterinary care and other assistance to hundreds of animals in need.


How to get started:

To start your online fundraiser to support Fayette County Animal Rescue, simply follow these four easy steps:

  1. Visit and select “Fundraise for your Charity” or to join other fundraisers we have running throughout the year.

  2. Sign up for an account with Crowdrise or log-in to an existing account. You can also sign-up through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+.

  3. Confirm that you wish to join the team supporting Fayette County Animal Rescue. After this, you will have your own online fundraising page.

  4. Personalize the text and upload photos or video on your personal fundraising page by clicking the “Edit Fundraiser” tab or use the content that is pre-populated. Click here for samples and tips.


Now that your personal fundraising page has been set-up, you are ready to ask friends and family for donations.

  • Select the “Manage Campaign” tab to send a personalized message to your friends and family with a link to your fundraising page and asking them to support your fundraiser. You can send a message via Email, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+.

  • Donate to your own fundraiser so that friends and family will see that you donated which will make them more likely to donate too.

  • Once the donations are processed, your donors will receive a confirmation page and a tax-receipt acknowledging their gift from Network for Good, who processes donations made on the Crowdrise tool.

  • Make sure to thank all of the people who supported your fundraiser and know that the animals of Fayette County Animal Rescue thanks them too.


Who can I contact with questions?

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