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Common Questions & Answers

Fayette County Animal Rescue is a VOLUNTEER organization. There may be a delay in responding to your voicemail or email. We recommend that you also leave a voicemail at our shelter.


  • Lost or Found Animal:  Review recommendations on steps that YOU can take to locate the owner of the animal. Click here for details.

  • Personal Pet Surrender:  FCAR does not accept animals surrendered from owners.  We highly recommend that you seek alternatives to giving up your furry family member versus giving them away.  Try behaviour training or other services to address any issues.  You can also try posting on social media as well as at Rehome by Adoptapet. We highly recommend that you screen potential new owners prior to giving them your pet.

  • Animal Drop Off:  FCAR does NOT accept animal drop offs under any circumstances.  Do not come to our facility with an animal to surrender.  Follow the instructions above and if you require additional information contact us directly.

  • Outside of Fayette County, TN:  FCAR is ONLY chartered to assist animals and our community within Fayette County, TN.  For assistance outside of Fayette County, TN, please contact your local humane society.

  • Adopting from FCAR:  Please check out our list of adoptable animals, review our adoption guidelines and complete an application here.  Please note the requirements to adopt from us include a fenced yard in most cases and a good vet history on current and previous pets. To schedule an appointment to see an animal for adoption at our shelter, please complete an application

  • Volunteers:  FCAR is run by passionate and hardworking volunteers.  To find our more about volunteering with FCAR, please click here.

  • Spay/Neuter Services:  FCAR does not have a veterinarian on staff however we will pay for Fayette County, TN residents to spay/neuter their personal pets if they meet our program guidelines.  Click here for more information.

  • Hours of Operation: Fayette County Animal Rescue is a volunteer based organization. We do not have regular open shelter hours.  Please call us at 901-854-2565 or email us at to make an appointment to visit our shelter.

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