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Lost or Found Animals

Fayette County, TN


  • Email us a detailed description of the animal, pictures, location lost/found, and your contact information. We will add it to our Lost/Found database.

  • Contact Fayette County Animal Control (465-3456) and provide a detailed description of the animal, pictures, location lost/found, and your contact information. They may have received a call from someone who found or lost the animal. We recommend you call daily if you have lost your dog or cat.

  • Contact local veterinarian offices. They may have been contacted by someone who has lost/found the animal. Email or fax them pictures, description and your contact information.

    • ​Somerville Animal Hospital (901-465-5322)

    • Animal Care Hospital (901-466-9224)

    • Eads Animal Hospital (901-867-7387)

    • Piperton Animal Hospital (901-854-8000)

    • Main Street Animal Clinic (901-235-7127)

    • Mobile Pet Doctor (901-490-3914)

  • Post large, easy-to-read Lost/Found signs with a LARGE picture and your contact information. Be sure to include phone number including area code. Post at main intersections and throughout the neighborhoods where lost/found. Use page protectors  to weatherproof your posters, make sure the opening is at the bottom sealed with tape. Click here for a template.

  • Post to and any other neighborhood pages for the area in addition to free online public found ads on Craigslist.

  • Post pictures, description, area lost/found and your contact info on Social Media including the following Facebook pages:

  • ​Let your local mail carrier know! They travel all over our neighborhoods and they can be on the lookout.

  • If Found, take the animal to a veterinarian, Hollywood Feed in Oakland or contact Fayette County Animal Control to have it scanned for a microchip. They will scan the animal free of charge.

  • If you have Found an animal and have completed ALL of the above and are unable to find the owners and are looking to rehome the pet:

    • Contact local rescue groups.  Put your zipcode in this search to find a list of rescues/shelters closest to you: This will pull up a list of all local rescue groups you can contact. Ask for helping placing the animal. Offering to foster the animal until adopted and/or pay for it's veterinary care will increase the likelihood that the rescue can assist you.

    • Contact rescue groups that are listed here. Many dog, cat and breed specific groups are listed.

    • Post the animal on the rehoming website

    • Complete our Waiting List form. We will add the animal to our waiting list. Please note that the waiting list for our shelter can be extremely long and it could take weeks for us to have an open spot. We encourage you to try to place the animal in other ways even after adding them to our waiting list.

    • Complete our Community Spay/Neuter Application for free spay or neuter of the animal.


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