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Transport Info


Fayette County Animal Rescue now works with companies to provide transport services for our rescues to states in the northeast. Our primary transport partner at this time is RescueVet Pet Transport. 

Transport Destinations (subject to change)

  • CT, DE, KY, MD, NJ, NY, OH, TN, VA, WV

    • Fishkill, NY

    • Columbus, OH

    • Hagerstown, MD

    • Mount Airy, MD

    • West Greenwich, RI

    • Willington, CT

    • Woodbridge, NJ (Turnpike)

    • Louisville, KY

Transport Costs (in addition to $95 adoption fee)

  • $25 Health Certificate (for transport outside of TN)  *Non-refundable once the health certificate is acquired

  • $165 Transport Fee (average, may change based on location)   *Only refundable until 48 hours prior to transport date. After that it is non-refundable.

  • All costs payable directly to FCAR

  • If you need to return the animal for any reason you will pay the additional transport fee to return the animal to FCAR


  • Scheduling of transport is dependent on the space available of our transport partners. On average we have been able to secure space within 1-2 weeks of an approved application and fee payment.

  • Transports leave at 6am Friday morning from Memphis, TN and generally arrive between Friday afternoon/evening through Saturday morning depending on destination.

Transport Process

  • Your application will be reviewed by our Adoption Coordinator who will verify your veterinary history for current and previous animals, landlord approval if renting, and that your fence is secure. (See Application Process below for more information.)

  • We will verify with the transport company the closest stop to your location and confirm with you that it is acceptable. 

  • Once you are approved, you will pay the adoption fee ($95), health certificate fee ($25) and transport fee ($165) on our website at

  • We will then schedule a spot on the transport for the animal for a date that works for you. The transport company will email you the date, pickup location and time they are expected to arrive.

  • A health certificate from our veterinarian is required within 7 days of transport. We will schedule the appointment and get the health certificate prior to the transport day. Once the vet issues the health certificate, the $25 fee is non-refundable.

  • The animal is dropped off at the vet's office Thursday night for pickup by the transport company at 6am Friday morning. 

  • All dogs are sent with a leash, collar, harness and their adoption folder. All cats will have just their adoption folder. You will need to bring a cat carrier with you to pick up your cat. 

  • The transport stops every 3 hours to walk the dogs and check on all animals.

  • The transport uses a Connect Team app to provide updates on their trip every 3 hours and keep you informed on when they plan to arrive at your stop. You can download it for free and you will be added to the conversation once transport departs Memphis.

Application Process

  • For dogs - We must have a good quality, total view of your fence prior to approving your application. We will need you to email pictures and video of your fenced backyard, showing the entire fence all the way around the yard, top to bottom. Walk slowly and show us the entire fence and gates. Email to

    We may work with a local humane or rescue group to do an onsite fence inspection.


  • We will call your veterinarians that you have used for the past 5 years. We verify that all of your pets have been kept current on vaccinations and heartworm prevention. If you used different vets or online to purchase heartworm prevention,  please gather all of the info to send to us or if the vet records are in someone else's name please let us know.

  • If you are renting/leasing, make sure your landlord approves of you adopting the type, size & breed animal you are interested in and will be responsive when we call. Even if your landlord is a family member we will still call to verify so a timely response speeds things up! Make sure that you fully understand any size or breed restrictions and pet deposits and fees.

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