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Re-Home Your Pet

Fayette County Animal Rescue is unable to take in owner surrendered pets due to the overwhelming volume of stray and injured dogs in our county. The following information will hopefully help you in successfully addressing concerns with your pet or to find a suitable new home.


Behavior or Family Concerns:

  • Not enough time for my pet / too much energy for my household
    Consider hiring a dog walker or take your dog to doggy care facility 2-3 days/week.

  • New baby, not enough time for my pet
    The first 3 months are difficult with a new baby but once past that initial phase a pet can bring so much love, laughter and compassion to your young family members. Talk to friends or family for assistance through those initial difficult months.

  • Apartment / lease does not allow pets
    Talk to your friends and see if they can keep your pet for a short time while you find a pet-friendly living situation

  • Animal aggressiveness towards family or other pets
    Consult an animal trainer/behaviorist. Many issues can be easily addressed with the right experience and guidance.

  • Health issues / unable to afford
    Discuss your issue with your veterinarian and consider programs like Care Credit. FCAR also offers assistance with food, spay/neuter, doghouses, etc. Click here for details.


  • Ask for a vet reference and charge a rehoming fee as well. This will hopefully help ensure they are going to a good home.

  • Make sure your pet is up to date on vaccinations and is spayed/neutered. It is much easier to find a home for a pet that is current and healthy.

  • If you are in Fayette County and the animal has not been spayed/neutered, we might be able to help through our Community Spay/Neuter Assistance Program.

  • Contact local rescue groups.  Go to and click "Find shelter/rescue" and enter your zip code. This will pull up a list of all local rescue groups you can contact.

  • Post the animal(s) on these rehoming websites:


Additional rescue networking Facebook groups to post tp:

Lastly, if in Fayette County, TN, you can contact Animal Control through the Fayette County Sheriff's Office. You can reach Animal Control by calling the Sheriff's Dispatch at (901) 465-3456. Please note that they euthanize after 72 hours.


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