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At Fayette County Animal Rescue we believe that sponsoring an animal can change a life. And we believe it can change yours, too.

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Artimiss before, shot in the leg; Artimiss after leg amputation.

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Birdman, badly burned and shot; Birdman after rescue.

If you can’t adopt right now but want to make a difference in the lives of an FCAR rescue, consider sponsoring an animal. Sponsorship gives you an opportunity to witness the transformative power that your generosity can have on an individual animal at FCAR. As a sponsor, your monthly donation will help us to continue providing a secure, healthy environment where animals who were formerly abused, neglected, and rejected can thrive and participate in the joy of being that is the right of all living things. 


On average, it costs $45 per month to care for an animal at FCAR. This cost covers food, veterinarian care, shelter as well as staff salaries, facility maintenance and utilities, which of course are needed to care for our residents. You can sponsor an animal for $45 per month or a partial sponsorship of $22.50 per month.  Sponsorship provides us with a regular flow of funds to support the promise we've made to these special animals.


Sponsorship is a great idea for businesses and organizations!

Get together at your place of business or club and join together to sponsor an animal.


Give a Sponsorship Gift

Sponsor and animal as a gift in someone's honor or in memory of a person or beloved pet.



1.  Select the animal you would like to sponsor.

2.  Complete the sponsorship form and make your monthly sponsorship pledge. You can sponsor a specific animal or make a monthly donation for general expenses.

3.  If you select a specific animal, you will receive updates about your animal's well-being and experiences, along with photos.  You may even wish to visit the shelter and meet your sponsored cat or dog face-to-face.


Animal Sponsorship


Our goal is to have a sponsor for all of our rescues that are more than 8 years old and/or have been at our shelter for more than 6 months.  Adult dogs and cats, especially older ones are inherently more difficult to place.  And once an animal has been at our shelter for more than a year it also becomes more difficult to find them their forever home.  We have had some amazing adoptions of senior animals that have spent more than 10 years at FCAR so we never give up hope! We appreciate your help in ensuring that these special animals are cared for until we can find them that loving home. 


To sponsor a dog or cat with FCAR please visit our list of Animals for Adoption to select an animal to sponsor or contact us for assistance in selecting the right fit for you. They may not be seniors or have been rescued more than a year ago but they all need help!

General Operating Expenses Sponsorship

Like all businesses, we have monthly expenses that we must cover in order to run our shelter and house our rescues. These aren't exciting things, but they are the basic necessities that provide the infrastructure that allows us to save the lives of so many animals.


Examples include:

  • Utilities (gas, electric, phone, internet access)

  • Auto (gas, maintenance and repairs)

  • Insurance (liability, auto, workers comp)

  • Staff (2 part time kennel workers to care for the animals)

  • Food (dry, canned, speciality)

  • Supplies (batteries, leashes, cleaning supplies)

  • Office Supplies (paper, ink cartridges, stamps)

  • Facility (repairs and maintenance)


Our average expenses for these items are $6,500 per month.  We do multiple fundraisers throughout the year and raise money in every way we can to pay for these expenses and we work hard to keep our shelter running, every single day.


Our goal is to fund these monthly general operating expenses through monthly sponsorships.  Through the commitment of our generous donors like you, we can assure that our shelter can meet it's monthly financial obligations and focus our energy on saving more animals.


We appreciate your support and willingness to support Fayette County Animal Rescue. To sign up, please click here, it will take you to our Recurring Monthly Donation Form.  Thank you again for your generosity. You do make a difference.

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