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Online Fundraising for Fayette County Animal Rescue with Crowdrise



You can start a fundraiser and do what you want to raise money for the animals of Fayette County Animal Rescue.  You’ll have your own online page to collect donations, and can hold your fundraiser whenever you want. Pretty cool, huh?  We want to make planning your fundraising campaign super easy so we’ve created some information and sample communications to you started. They are basically reference guides to help make everything  successful for you and to help you raise more money than you ever thought possible for FCAR.


Birthday Announcement Examples


Example #1:

My birthday is almost here. I’m not usually excited about getting older, but this year I’m really thankful to have lived another happy, healthy year. As you know I am a huge animal lover however there are so many animals in our community that are not getting the care and basic necessities that they need to survive. We can help change that.


I’m asking for my age in dollars from everyone I know. The money raised will directly fund the amazing work being done by Fayette County Animal Rescue. They rescue abused, neglected, injured and abandoned animals in Fayette County, TN. Pretty great group…


Please help me reach my goal and donate to my birthday campaign.


Example #2:

My birthday is around the corner, I don’t usually ask for presents, but this year I’ve decided to make an exception. I’m asking all my friends and family to donate to Fayette County Animal Rescue and help save an abused or neglected animal’s life, instead of giving me gifts.


Help me make this birthday my best ever – donate to my campaign.


Example #3:

It’s almost my birthday. I know it’s hard to believe but yes, the fabulousness that is me is about to be one year older. I know you had probably planned on getting me the most amazing present for my birthday. Possibly a new sports car? Trip to Paris? Tickets to a rock concert? But guess what, I don’t need any of that. (Okay, well the sports car would be super cool but …) What I REALLY want for my birthday this year is for you to join me in my goal to raise $XXX for Fayette County Animal Rescue (FCAR).


Fayette County Animal Rescue is a no kill animal shelter serving Fayette County, TN and they do an amazing job every day for the cats and dogs that they rescue. Their focus is on preventing animal abuse and saving cats and dogs that have been severely neglected, injured and abused. However they can only save lives if they can afford to provide the care and with your help we can make a difference.


I’m donating my birthday to Fayette County Animal Rescue. Will you also donate to my campaign as well?


If you donate you don’t even need to sing Happy Birthday to me. Well, except my mom. She still needs to….



Sample Calendar for 30 Day Campaign

  • Day 1: Announce to your family, friends and co-workers that your campaign has begun and explain what you are working to achieve.

  • Day 8: Update your family, friends and co-workers about your campaign such as how much money you have raised.

  • Day 15: Update your family, friends and co-workers on your progress and remind them that your campaign is over in 2 weeks.

  • Day 22: Send an update to your family, friends and co-workers thanking them for all of their donations and support. No need to ask them to donate in this update, just let them know how their donations can impact Fayette County Animal Rescue and how you really appreciate all of their support.

  • Day 27: Final push update – ask them to give and help you achieve your goal.

  • Day 29: Update your family, friends and co-workers that every donation counts and that tomorrow at midnight your campaign will end and to please help in every way possible.

  • NOTE:  Post updates to social media every other day.


Fundraising Tips

The more compelling your page, the more likely people will support your campaign for Fayette County Animal Rescue.


  • Tell your story. Make your campaign personal. Draw your family, friends and co-workers in by telling why you are committed to saving the animals and why you need their help.

  • Add lots of great photos and video if possible. You can get pictures of FCAR animals from our website, Facebook page or email us for more. Or come out to the shelter and take your own pictures and videos to post.

  • Make your fundraiser tangible by suggesting donation amounts to your supporters that will lead to real life results. For example: $5 will provide heartworm prevention to on dog for 1 month; $25 will feed the animals at FCAR for 1 day; $70 will spay a female dog; $200 will vaccinate, spay/neuter, deworm, etc. a new animal rescued by FCAR.

  • Find like-minded supporters to become team members for your campaign.

  • Email drives donations far better than social media. Typically the more people you email the more money you will raise for your campaign.

  • If possible, try email in small batches of 10 people. When people are all blind copied or they see they are one of a very large mailing list people can feel anonymous and are less likely to support your campaign.

  • Use Facebook, Twitter and other social media to update people about your fundraising campaign.

  • Make your donors feel appreciated. Be so good at thanking and communicating with them that they are excited to have been part of your team.

  • Keep the energy high.

  • Check your fundraising page statistics constantly to understand what’s working.

  • Post updates about your fundraising page at least every other day to keep people informed about how it’s going.

  • Use deadlines to create some urgency and rally support.

  • Expand your audience. Don’t just rely on your family, friends and co-workers, approach businesses your frequent and those outside your direct circle to engage as well.

  • End your campaign with a big final push for donations.

  • Follow up after your campaign with a final update and word of thanks to all that supported you.

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