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Volunteers are the rock of our foundation! We welcome volunteers of all ages, as we have something for everyone! Volunteers younger than 18 require a junior volunteer waiver to be signed by a guardian, and those younger than 16 require an adult to accompany them.

*Be sure to sign up for our email list to be included in our weekly Volunteer emails and follow us on Facebook where we post daily updates and volunteer requests.


“Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they just have the heart”- Elizabeth Andrew
Adoption Volunteer / Advocate

Our primary goal is to adopt out our rescues to loving homes. There are many different things required to prepare our rescues for adoption including vet visits, fence checks, taking them to the transport location, writing their stories for Petfinder, basica obedience training and more. 

If you love animals and want to directly impact adoptions at FCAR, sign up to be an adoption volunteer/advocate.

Some of our dogs require weekly baths to help with skin sensitivities, but many of our dogs really just love to roll in the dirt! Most of our dogs love to have baths, but this task might require a bit of heavy lifting and the ability to keep our larger furry friends in the tub for their scrubdowns. 

This volunteer activity requires that you feel comfortable bathing large and small dogs, are able to lift dogs into and out of the bathtub, and are willing to get totally soaked in the process!

Animal Photographer & Videographer

Many people searching to adopt a rescue animal looks on the internet. If we can post gorgeous pictures, funny videos and compelling stories we increase an animal's chances of adoption. 


We all have phones and can try to snap a good shot here or there, but the clearer and in focus the picture/video, the better chance we have at showcasing our adoptable dogs and cats. We are looking for a volunteer who can capture the pet’s spirit and energy so that potential adopters can fall in love even before meeting the pet.


The primary requirement of this activity is patience and being comfortable handling animals.  You need to be able to put a leash on a dog and safely take them back and forth to our "photo pen" and/or bring a friend to help you.  If you are good at taking digital pictures of moving targets and enjoy taking short videos, this would be a great way to assist us in finding homes for our rescues.

Shelter Animal Socializer & Dog Walker

Are you willing to provide shelter dogs and cats with love, companionship, attention, exercise and training? We have a beautiful facility set on 5 acres where you can enjoy the sunshine and provide much needed love and attention to a rescued animal as they await their forever home.  

Every spare minute you can give them will make a difference. Bring a book and sit and read to a nervous new puppy. As time goes on that puppy in the corner will be sitting in your lap nibbling on your book. Take a senior dog for a walk up the road to stretch their legs.  Sit in the cathouse and let the cats wind their way around your legs into your lap.  


This volunteer activity just requires your time and love.  Our dogs can get pretty excited, and give some boisterous greetings, so we suggest clothing you don’t mind getting dirty. Such simple way to make a huge difference in the lives of the animals. 

*NEW - Foster “Field Trips”

Looking to help make a rescue’s day, but can’t commit to fostering them at your home? Apply to take them on a “field trip” and enjoy a day out and about!

Foster Parent
Special Events Coordinator

To be a foster parent you need:

  • To have love and time to give an animal as they await their forever home

  • To have a safe, secure environment where the animal can stay

  • Your current animals up to date on vaccinations and on monthly heartworm prevention

  • Transportation to bring the animal to the shelter for veterinary care and adoption events


We will provide all of the food, medical care, dog houses, and other necessities for your foster animal. We have proven, over and over again, that foster parents make a significant difference on finding homes for our rescues. There is no time commitment for being a foster parent. A weekend get away for a rescue, emergency foster during cold weather, foster a long timer or anything in between, contact us today to help! Click here for more information on fostering.

If you are organized, can dedicate a large block of time during the planning of an event and enjoy leading a team of people in support of FCAR, we need you! There are so many great special events that can be held to raise funds for FCAR, but it is a lot of work and takes a very efficient and effective person to lead the effort. Of course our team of volunteers are there for support, especially on the day of the event, however the lead coordinator for the event handles the coordination of everything.


This role includes working with members of the community, other volunteers, planning the events, gathering needed supplies, advertising, etc. Examples of past special events include a 5K run/walk, bike race, touch-a-truck, adoption event at parks, golf tournament, etc. If you are comfortable leading large scale projects and can lead just one event each year, contact us today! We are currently seeking a lead coordinator for an annual bike race and 5K run. We cannot hold these events until we have someone volunteer for the lead role.

Special Events Volunteer

We depend on Special Events all around Fayette and Shelby County to raise awareness for FCAR and all of our awesome animals.  We always need volunteers to help set up our tent and merchandise, talk to the community about our rescue and all the programs we have, and take down/ clean up after the event. We have had some great outcomes and fundraising from these events, and sometimes we even get to see FCAR alums!


Special Event Volunteer may also include things like creating and distributing posters, gathering supplies, soliciting volunteers and sponsors, scheduling locations and vendors and so much more. If you are a go getter, enjoy working on a team and love the satisfaction of raising money that will make a difference for the animals, join us as a Special Events Volunteer.

Fundraising Coordinator

There are multiple programs that can be developed that will assist in the ongoing task of raising money to keep our shelter in operation. We would like to put together a Fundraising Toolkit where members of our community can hold their own fundraisers to benefit the animals of FCAR. We would also like to offer a business / community program that will excite our community about being a partner of FCAR.


If you are energetic, organized and enjoy working with people in the community you can make a difference in the role of Fundraising Coordinator.

*This volunteer role can be done remotely.

Document Writer / Graphic Artist

Are you a great writer? Can you tell stories, write newsletter articles, create promotional materials or media documents? Are you a graphic designer or artist? Can you develop posters, graphic media, logos, posters, etc.? 


We have so many opportunities to promote our animals and our rescues and need your help to design and write compelling content with the ultimate goal of adopting out our rescues and raising money for our shelter. Volunteer writers can help us spruce up a pet profile with funny and important info about the animal and graphic designers can create collages, posters and other graphics which can lead a potential adopter to fall in love with the pet’s picture.

General Office Support

The paperwork and administrative duties in running an animal shelter are significant, and at times overwhelming. We need volunteers willing to come to our shelter, on a regular basis, to assist our office manager with a long list of administrative items. Due to the variation in tasks that need to be done, this role is best served by people who can dedicate at least 4 hours on a consistent basis (i.e. weekly, monthly, etc.).

Tasks include posting pictures on Petfinder, sending thank you cards, updating databases, answering phone calls and at least a million other things. Some days will be busier than others, but once you become comfortable there will be literally an endless amount of work that you can help with. This role requires a regular time commitment, basic computer skills and ability to self manage and prioritize multiple tasks.

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