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Our shelter is a wonderful, peaceful environment where are rescues can relax, be loved and have fun until their forever homes are found. However there is so much work that we need to do at our shelter to more fully meet the needs of our rescues. 
Below is a list of major projects that require funding. Please consider being a donor or fundraiser for one of these major projects. All costs are based on estimates received from contractors, suppliers or are based on previous expenses for similar work.
Driveway Repair & Expansion
Our driveway has multiple areas where it must be repaired. It has cracked and is falling apart along the edges. In addition we need to expand the parking area to provide additional parking for our supporters, adopters and volunteers.  We currently only have parking for 6 vehicles. We received quotes from two different paving contractors.
Estimated Cost:  $8,250
Our shelter is a muddy nightmare whenever it rainse and for weeks after. We need to add sidewalks for volunteers to safely get to the animals' yards as well as concrete pads in each yard so the dogs can get out of the mud.
Partial sidewalk + 24 pads
Estimated Cost:  $10,000
4 New Yards


We still have 2 temporary yards which are small pens that have been expanded with kennel pannels. We would like to replace those and add 2 more yards using 9 gauge (heavy duty) chain link fencing. These yards will require fencing, small carports and concrete pads. This will allow us to securely house 4-8 additional dogs.
Estimated Cost:  $7,994
9 Gauge Fencing Replacement


Complete replacement of our 10+ year old fencing bought from local home repair stores with robust dog proof heavy gauge chain link.
We have a large need for additional bushes and trees for shade for our yards. When we redesigned our outside yards we exposed many yards to additional full sun.
Estimated Cost:  $1,500
New Cat House
Our current cat house is extremely small and will only house 4-5 cats comfortably. We would like to purchase a small mobile building or build a small separate building that would expand our cat environment. Our goal is to be able to house 15-20 cats, separated across 3-4 rooms with appropriate heating/cooling.
Estimated Cost:  $25,000
Electrical Work
We have multiple small electrical projects, primarily to add ceiling fans and lights to provide air movement for the animals and lighting for our volunteers and employees.
We have not yet received a cost estimate for this work.
Estimated Cost:  $2,500
Renovate Office Building
We have a mobile building that was donated years ago that is unfinished. No walls, plywood floor, no heat/air, etc.. We use this building for office space however it is completely unfinished. We would like to add a ceiling, walls, floor, 2 windows and additional lighting and electrical. We received two quotes for the work from General Contractors.
Estimated Cost:  $11,000
Front Pen Fence Replacement


Replace the layers of chicken wire and light gauge fencing around our meet/greet and puppy yard with heavy gauge wire.
Shelter Painting & Repairs
We completed a large renovation of our existing shelter building 5 years ago.  We need to go back through and have it painted inside and out and have minor repairs done.
Estimated Cost:  TBD


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