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Donate a bag of food for our rescues each month. Delivered

right to the door of Fayette County Animal Rescue!

At Fayette County Animal Rescue we use over 900 lbs. of food every month.


You can now sign up to donate an autoship order of dog food via our online pet partner,


It is SO easy and makes such a difference to our rescue!



  1. Go to

  2. In the Search box at the top, type in Iams.  It will pull up what we primarily use which is: Iams ProActive Health Adult Large Breed Dry Dog Food.  

  3. A 30 lb bag is $28.44 (price varies per month from Chewy based on supply/demand) when you sign up for autoship, plus $4.95 shipping.
    *Even with the shipping that is cheaper than we can buy it locally!

  4. Create an account.

  5. Ship directly to FCAR:
    Fayette County Animal Rescue
    555 Clement Dr.
    Rossville, TN 38066


We are super excited as dog food is one of our larger monthly expenditures and supporters find it difficult to donate dog food due to the weight and getting it to our shelter. Now you can donate online to monthly donate and it shows up at our doorstep, perfect!


NOTE: To donate one bag a month but AVOID the shipping fee, just sign up for 2 or 3 bags to autoship every 8-12 weeks.  That puts your order >$49 which gets free shipping! We have room to store food in a secure location so works out to donating 1 bag a month.


And remember - your donation is tax deductible!


Don't forget that you can order for your own furry family members and earn a $20 donation to FCAR when you sign up for your first autoship! Be sure to use this link!

Goal: 30 bags of Adult Dog

Food Donated / month

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