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During this joyful holiday season, please keep in mind Fayette County Animal Rescue's animals, especially the 12 dogs that have been at our shelter the longest and/or are seniors.

We have put together 12 wishes for our 12 seniors / long timers. These are different ways that you can help these animals and others at our shelter in their honor. Please consider these wishes as you celebrate this wonderful season.


  1. Forever homes

  2. Foster homes

  3. Monthly sponsorship (full $45/mo; partial $22.50/month)

  4. Iams dog food (green bag)

  5. Dog treats (all kinds) - our seniors love their treats from our volunteers that come out ot visit them

  6. Greenies pill pockets  - because when you get old we all need to take more medicine!

  7. Cash donation - via credit card or Paypal on our website or mail a check; specify which senior it is celebrating (Donate here)

  8. Pinesol and liquid laundry detergent - have to keep our shelter spotless for our old babies

  9. Clumping cat litter - We love our cats too!

  10. Pooper scoopers - because, let's face it, poop happens  :)

  11. 13 gallon garbage bags - for all that poop!

  12. Dasuquin with MSM (Large >60 lbs.) - most of our senior dogs take Dasuquin each day to help their joints, it's tough getting old!


Thank you for your generosity and support this holiday season for these 12 rescues. They have all been through so much in their lives, they are more than deserving of some extra love and attention this holiday season.  

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